Hello folks.


This website, www.retirees.sg was launched with the purpose of having meaningful time to develop your skills, find new passion in things you previously missed and is non-profit in nature. Its objective is to create opportunities for retirees to participate and share in as many activities as possible make available through this website. Use this website to start an interest group, sell a product or service, etc. and seeing things happen!

Given this setting, I will try to inject varieties, scope and diversity to bring in more features and to appeal to the wider audience.

Depending on the queries or feedback, requests to include new features or services, etc. rest assured that I will try my best to be up to date to incorporate it . Your feedback is invaluable to enhance and to include more options so as to bring more benefits to many.

Briefly, the term ‘Retirees” just means that you have the luxury of time on hand. You could be junior and senior in age , would-be retirees or already retired, full time housewives, i.e. general public.

As for myself, I am just a retiree and is presently keen to develop software applications in writing small programs such as payroll program, inventory stocks, etc.  If you have interest in this area, you are invited to join me by dropping an email through this website. We can meet-up to discuss without any obligations.

Invitations for you

You could advertise your skills, start interest groups, keen on free-lance jobs, travels, tuition, cookeries class, etc. the limit is open pending your feedback, comments and unanimous interest. And what’s more, it is free advertisement. For free advertisement, please go to Advertiser

Anyone who is keen to advertise their products and services, please send in details. If it is not too many pages I will post into this website, provided it does not infringe nor make any offensive statements and within the ambit of Singapore laws.

Business Opportunities

1st quarter 2016, I am keen to setup a F&B outlet. I would like to invite anyone (particularly retirees) who has the skill / talent or the resource to venture with me. It is now at the exploratory stage. If you are keen, please drop me a note via this website and I shall contact you for a tea session to discuss with no obligation attach.

Thank you.

Allen Chew