Farm Tours – Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) at Kranji

In 1981, Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) was started. In 1993, it shifted to the present Kranji Countryside (Lim Chu Kang Agro-technology) it became a thriving American Bullfrog farming.
Today it is a thriving business which is growing in relevance in an age where people are increasingly conscious of healthy eating and the importance of food safety and turning to alternatives like frog meat.
Frog meat is wholesome to the body. It is rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus that will contribute to the growth and development of young people and alleviate menopausal osteoporosis. It contains vitamin E and Zinc, Selenium and other trace elements which will help moisturize the skin and have anti-cancer functions.
Some years ago, it has launched the American Bullfrog’s oviduct which is a beauty enhancing ingredient popularly known as Snow Jelly (Hashima). JFF is the only manufacturer of the Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly in Singapore.
Tens of thousands of locals and foreigners hop into the frog farm every year as JFF which started out solely as a production unit has since evolved into a popular tourist destination!
While at the farm, besides seeing the entire cycle of frog being reproduced, you can purchase fresh produce both Fresh and Frozen Frog Legs, Whole Frogs, etc. Beside fresh fish are available such as Tilapias, Snakehead Fish (Toman), Frozen Eels, etc.
Obviously none other than the popular specially selected Snow Jelly with or without American Ginseng!

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Various Farm Tour Packages are available.

A minimum guarantee of 20 pax. (except for JFF Family Tour min 5 pax) is required for the tour to be conducted. Booking is based on first come first serve basis. A week before the tour date, no cancellation is allowed. The pick up point is at 8.30am, outside Kranji MRT Station. Someone will meet you there to bring you to the farm/s. You can then hop into the Kranji Express. Tickets can be purchased from the bus drivers at $3 per person and $1 for Senior Citizen and Children under 12 years old.

A confirmation email will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed.  The date is set on every 3rd Saturday of every month. If there is insufficient response, the tour will be cancelled. All confirmed payments will be fully refunded even as another date is open for booking.

Please click on below link for booking:

1) JFF Family Tour (Approx 20 min)
Looking for some family bonding? JFF Family Tour fits just that! With an in-house guide, you will learn about the history of Singapore’s one and only Frog Farm and be immersed in the wonderful world of American Bullfrogs!

2) JFF Fun Trail (Approx 40 min)
Do you have a big group or mixed ages? This is the right tour for that! This comprehensive tour will not only equip you with the knowledge of American Bullfrogs, you will also get firsthand experience of holding a live American Bullfrog. Come be engaged in frog feeding
and learn about the nutritional benefits of JFF fresh farm product offerings!

3) JFF Food Tour (Approx 60 min)
Have you ever wondered if tasty deep fried frog meat really tastes like chicken? Well, Try it
to find out! Not only you will get to taste the delicious frog meat, you will also be sampling a 12 oz portion of our popular, refreshing and nourishing Royal Hashima Dessert (U.P. $5). Be prepared to engage all your senses in this comprehensive tour!

4) JFF Herpetology Workshop (Approx 75 min)
Are you organizing a Learning Journey on the American Bullfrogs for your students? JFF Herpetology Workshop consists of a comprehensive tour that allows all participants to touch, hear, learn and interact with the American Bullfrogs. It comes with an Activity Booklet or hands out for participants to jot down their findings from the life cycle to the impact of our environment on these green hoppers!